It begins with you.

There are times we wake up to nothing; no expectations, no plans, no family just us. Sometimes most of us go to bed with no hope of waking up, some of us refuse to wake up at all; we sleep even in reality. I took out my time to ask some individuals why they wake up every morning and the response was intriguing. Here are some of the response I got:

~ I wake up to having a purpose to fulfill

~ I wake up every morning to make myself better, I try not to make my previous mistakes.

~First of all it’s God
Secondly to amend the mistakes of yesterday and try to be better than I was yesterday
Third to continue to find that daily bread i was looking for yesterday
every morning is a new day to continue

~ I wake up every morning to live to the fufilment of life and achieve that I could not get yesterday
Sometimes, when things are not going the way I want
I get really angry at life
I feel I should just die
And then I realize that death is worse than life
It’s a lonely world of nothingness
If I wake up in the morning there is still so much hope that the things I want and dream of is drawing near
Even if no body is standing with me or believe in my course I will never ever give up
Cause every morning I wake up I breath the air of greatness.

~ Opportunity; To me waking up every morning means God has given me another opportunity to do something reasonable with my life.
And I look to forward to that every morning.

~Well my reason.. is to protect those I love. And to achieve my desired goal my legacy. Sure sometimes the days are rough. Sometimes it gets hard but when you look deep you find something or someone your passionate about or you care about. it’s what helps us get through the tough days and not willing to give up.

To some of us waking up is a blessing and to some a nightmare. Some of us wake up to bills to that needs to be paid, lives that needs to be saved,suicidal thoughts, mouths that needs to be fed. There is a reason to everything; to why we die and why we live. Every morning you wake up is a reminder that it is not the end, it’s an alarm clock set for you to embrace life’s opportunities, it’s a journey to finding your purpose, it’s a song that awakens the inner you, it’s a movie you are featured in… Now the question is what is your role?

There will always be challenges in life, you can choose what those challenges will do to you. Will it stop you or push you? You’ve got to make a decision, how do you want your day to go? You can’t change the fact that you woke up and you are living that day. Who are you going to be by the end of a day ? A loser or a fighter? A hero or a bully? A sadist or a smiley? A listener or a talker? A friend or a foe? The only way to know is to wake up with the aim of living life.

You have to wake up every morning to live
To truly live means to be in the present, to live in the moment and not waste your time dwelling on the past, or what could have been. To let go of what has happened and focus on what you can do right now to have a better future. To truly live means to appreciate everything around you.

Life is so much more than the usual day-to-day routine. It’s not just about getting up, going to work or school, coming home, eating dinner, and going to bed. Life is about living. There are so many surprises, adventures and experiences awaiting us just after we wake up in the morning. Find what drives you. Be yourself. Do what you love. And most importantly, enjoy it.

Every morning is another chance to start anew. Don’t think too much about what the day holds or how it’s going to end. Let God show you what he has planned for you. Open up yourself to new possibilities and to positivity. Start living; start waking up. You never know it could be your last so wake up today.. wake up now!! Stay awake and live.

There will never be another now_make the most of today. There will never be another you_make the most of yourself- Robert Schuller.

Remember It’s all about you.

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